Retail Supply Chain Management Software


Retail Supply Chain Management is the process of managing a broad range of activities necessary to plan, control, and execute the product flow for the retail industry. It includes every step, from product conception, production and delivery to putting the product in the hands of the final customer.

Good supply chain management creates efficiencies, lowers costs, and raises profits. It enables companies to manage demand, optimize inventory levels, deal with disruptions, and meet customer demand.

To be competitive in the razor-thin-margin retail arena, retailers must be efficient. Retail Supply Chain management software helps retailers ensure their supply chains are optimized to relieve bottlenecks and provide a path to growth and success.

The retail supply chain differs from other industries because of the fast-moving nature of its products. It has to be closely monitored to assure the continuous movement of materials in the most streamlined and cost-effective way possible. Retail Supply Chain software helps these efforts.

Retail Order Management today needs to be able to process orders across channels and improve sell through. It’s important to be able to see inventory in real time, to have the ability to report across all channels and to fulfill orders from any location.