Retail Supply Chain Management Software

What is SCM?

Retail Supply Chain Management (SCM) is chain management of the broad range of activities necessary to plan, control, and execute the product flow for the retail industry. It includes planning every step from product conception, production, delivery to putting the product in the hands of the final customer.

The New Reality of Retail Supply Chain Management 

Managing the Retail Supply Chain is not as linear as it used to be. The focus has shifted in recent years to cover many of the following areas.

  • Global/Cross Functional Teams


  • Fully Digitized Supply Chains


  • Focus on Regional Customer Needs 


  • Economic Downturns 

  • Rapidly Shifting Market


  • Trade Policies & Tariff


  • Industry 4.0 (AI, Machine Learning)


  • Reduced Inventory & Speed to Market

SCM Use Case

Procurement Process


Tendering or competitive bidding and the signing off of terms & conditions.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Tracking and managing private label data and goods as they move through the typical stages of its product life.

Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning

Coordinating assets and critical path management processes to optimize the delivery of goods faster to market.

Supply Chain Logistics Management


The ultimate information flow or tracking and managing finished production, shipments, on-time & full orders.

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Key Benefits

Central Hub

• Information Exchange and Depository.

• Visibility of important info at your finger tips, communicate internal & external stakeholders.

Data Driven

• Real-time data regarding supply chain transactions, inventory, and supplier relationships.

• Adjust production speed and schedule as demand and inventory shifts.

Supplier relationship management

• Focused and Goal oriented communication channels.

• Plan, track and review results of company KPI’s

• Creates efficiencies, lowers costs, and raises profits.

Agile Planning

• Enables companies to manage demand, optimize inventory levels, deal with disruptions, and meet customer demand.

• Constantly monitor operations, turn data into meaningful trends and analysis that you can act on immediately.

Retail Supply Chain nowadays is not simply about getting the order to the customer on time; it’s about planning everything at the right time—before, during, and after order delivery.

CBX Software can help implement real time, retail supply chain management software (SCM) that is tailored to your global business.  If you’re interested in learning more about how CBX Cloud can seamlessly integrate into your current product workflow or have any questions about our software, reach out to us. We look forward to working with you to help your company achieve its true potential in the retail industry.

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