Quality Assured and Validated in Real Time

Streamline Your Quality Assurance Process

CBX Quality Assurance is a robust solution that helps you stay on top of quality in your supply chain. By digitizing your quality process, CBX Quality Assurance saves you hundreds of hours typically spent coordinating and scheduling inspections. With the CBX Mobile Inspector app, whoever is doing the inspections has convenient access to electronic inspection forms and related information such as purchase orders and specifications. And if an inspection issue arises, anyone involved in the order cycle receives a real time alert from CBX.

Automated Quality Solutions

Dramatic reduction in inspection costs through technology enabled factory self-inspections
AI enabled inspection scheduling
Supplier quality history enables objective assessment of supplier’s performance
Mobile inspection app digitizes inspection from the source, eliminating data keying
Real-time monitoring and alerts of inspections
Workflow for corrective actions to improve quality of future production

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