Order Visibility from Production to Delivery

CLO-Vise CBX PLM Integration

Visibility Where You Need it Most

CBX Logistics empowers your organization with clear visibility into the status of order shipments. With connections to all major freight forwarders and shipping carriers, CBX Logistics Navigator provides buyers, merchandisers, and the logistics team with a simple solution to get real-time logistics visibility into every order in your supply chain. Now you can stay on top of your shipments, while our AI engine does the heavy lifting, monitoring the supply chain and alerting your buyers and merchandisers about potential delays.

Ship With Confidence

Everyone has easy and real-time visibility into all shipments
Ongoing monitoring of your orders from production through delivery
Reduce workload on your logistics team
Exception based alerts ensure your teams are notified of any shipment delays
Simple unified portal utility enables suppliers to pack cartons and sends detailed EDI ASNs consistently and accurately
Workflow to alert suppliers of any order change before goods are shipped

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