How Amazon Overtakes Brick & Mortar Stores

  • By Mark Hudson

Top Reasons Amazon and other ecommerce Sites Will Overtake Brick & Mortar Stores

For decades, the retail industry stood strong. Retailers emerged fairly unscathed during the first wave of the internet in the ’90s because consumers still, by and large, chose to shop in physical stores staffed with employees that strived to provide customer service. So, it was business as usual with a small number of wary execs cautiously eyeing the growing shift toward e-commerce.

Today, e-commerce is booming and still has plenty of room to grow. E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay and Walmart online easily bypass traditional business models where manufacturers sell to wholesalers, who then sell to distributors and retailers, who finally sell to the end customer.

Learn insights from retail and ecommerce executive Russel Beron:

Why: ecommerce retail is more agile.

Speed: what’s allowing ecommerce to move 10 times faster than traditional Retail.

Why: traditional retailers have an uphill battle to source direct.

Why: ecommerce is still undeveloped in North America and what that means for the traditional brick & mortar stores.

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