CBX Retail Sourcing Report – Q3 2017

global sourcing facts and insights at your fingertips

The second half of 2017 looks optimistic for global trade with healthy growth and stability in the Eurozone economy, a weakening USD and export growth in Asia.

While the United States moves toward protectionist trade policies, the next two largest economies, the European Union and China have been busy signing trade deals and expanding their sphere of influence.

Oil prices remain low, maintaining a trend of cheaper commodity prices. Along with a stable political climate, these trends indicate a positive climate for global sourcing through the rest of 2017.

All this and more in the latest issue of the CBX Retail Sourcing Report!

The CBX Retail Sourcing Report aims to keep you ahead of the curve by providing facts, insight, and analysis on issues impacting retail global sourcing. We produce this free report for individuals at retailers, brands, and companies involved in buying and global sourcing decisions.


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